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The Ovale dog bed combines a simple design with superior comfort. A classic ovale bed shape, upholstered with the stylish microfiber fabric Serena to create the coziest lounge look in your home. It ensures your dog to enjoy superior comfort, the soft filling offers exceptional support and pressure relief for joints.

For practicality, the cover can be easily removed and all inner cushion parts are machine washable. For even more comfort, you can simply refill the filling or replace it if necessary.

Cover is made of stylish water repellent microfiber Serena and waterproof bottom.

Inner cushion is made of net fabric and filled with silicone fibres (Oeko-Tex®Standard100).

Care Instructions


Wash with the mild detergent at 30° in washing machine. Please do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry, just hang it to air dry. If needed, iron it at low level. If the stains do not come out during the wash, it can be dry-cleaned.

Liquid Stains: Blot the liquid stain gently with a high-absorbent material. Pat dry the area gently with a dry material to remove the remaining humidity (cotton cloth, paper towel, etc….), If the stain from the spill remains, remove the stain with a soapy cloth without diffusing the stain. After each rubbing motion, refresh the clean soapy cloth in order to prevent soiling.

Solid Particles: Remove the excess soiling with ultimate care without diffusing. Remove the solid particle from the fabric surface with the help of a soft spatula. To remove dust, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. The remaining stains should be removed by rubbing with a soapy cloth in circular motion.

Ball-point pen and similar difficult stains: Dampen a clean cotton cloth in a white soap solution. Rub the stain off gently. Clean the surface with the damp cloth and leave the fabric for drying Alcohol derives, Petroleum and alkali based solvents should not be used for cleaning. After all cleaning processes, the drying should be done with a low temperature blow dryer in large circular motion or the fabric should be left for natural drying. After drying, misoriented and damaged piles should be fixed with a soft brush.

Inner cushion and filling

Wash with the mild detergent at 30° in washing machine. Please do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry, just hang it to air dry. If needed, iron at low level.

Please plump up the inner cushion regularly so that it retains its fluffiness and shape.

Cover upper fabric: 70% polyester, 15% polyamide, 15% Akril

Fabric features:

  • Water repellent, it does not absorb a liquid, therefore, liquid stains can be gently blotted with absorbent material
  • highly resistant to pilling – the number pilling 37.000 [ISO 12947-2], pilling min 4-5 [ISO 12945-2]
  • colour resistance – to rubbing (dry) 4-5 [ISO 105-X12] to rubbing (wet) 4-5 [ISO-X12]
  • carries great exposure to sunlight – colour fastness to light min. 5 [ISO 105-B02]
  • fire retardant – suitable for use on boats
  • it does not contains any azo dyes or allergy causing dyes

Cover bottom fabric: 100% polyester

Fabric feature:

  • waterproof

Cushion fabric: 100% polyester

Fabric Feature:

  • quick-drying
  • elastic

Filling fabric: silicon fibers 100% polyester (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100)

Fabric features:

  • silicate material stiffens the polyester fibers, making them more resistant to bacteria and the accumulation of dust
  • hypoallergenic



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