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ID Tag Collar is very light weight for comfortable wearing while lounging around the house or on the walk.

It is made of Italian, extremely soft leather with added aluminium ID tag.

Care Instructions

Leather is natural product with individual character and variations. The natural features are an indicator of the authenticity of the leather and have no influence on its life or quality. Slightly deviations with regard to surface texture and colour are normal.

We recommend nurturing the leather with LEATHER BALM Renapur ® made of natural ingredients, since the collar is in touch with your dog’s skin.

Apply it extremely thin with sponge and let it have an effect for few minutes – no more polishing is necessary.  If the leather is very hardly used or dry, the application can be repeated. Renapur® balm is seeping largely into the leather.

If the leather is very dirty, it should be cleaned before applying Renapur leather balm. Different stains can be cleaned with a special cleaning fluid appropriate for leather –Renapur® Leather Cleaner.


Balm features:

  • contains only high quality natural substances like jojoba-oil, lanolin and plant extracts
  • protects leather against dirt, moister and water
  • prevents water and snow stains
  • soften the leather and prevents it to dry out
  • refreshes the colours of the leather
  • non-toxic, ph-neutral, solvent-free and suitable for all colors.
  • skin-friendly
  • no expire date

Carat leather intensive cleaner

Cleaner features:

  • without phosphates and formaldehyde
  • 99% biodegradable
  • PH-neutral
  • skin friendly


  •  100% Leather
  • Filling fabric: synthetic fibers


  • O-ring: polished stainless steel
  • ID tag: aluminium

ID Tag Collars are meant only to hold tags, not to walk your dog on lead!

The easiest way to measure the head (A) is with a tape measure or a sewing meter*

*Please consider that instead of a sewing meter, a strip or a string can be used to measure the dog – simply mark the measurement on the strip or string and use a tape measure or a ruler to measure it.

Head circumference (A): Measure over the widest part of the head, in front of the ears. The widest circumference of the dog’s head indicates the size of the collar.

Not sure which size is the right one? Send us the measurements (widest head circumference A) and we will choose the right one for your dog.

ID Tag collar Your design

Collar color and engraving

  • Enter 2 desired leather colors

  • Enter the name of your dog and your personal information (name and/or number, phone number)

ID Tag

Select ID Tag

  • S 3 x 2,9 cm

  • M 3,8 x 3,3 cm

  • M 3,8 x 3,3 cm

  • S 3 x 2 cm

  • M 4 x 2,7 cm

  • S 3 x 2 cm

  • S 3 x 2 cm

  • S 3 x 2 cm

  • S 3 x 2 cm

  • S 3 x 2 cm

  • S 3 x 2 cm

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