Our Philosophy

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement: To make high quality and practical products for dogs and owners.

Brand Statement: The ultimate dogs & owners gear.

Our Values:

  • High standards, handiness and modern design

  • High quality materials

  • Best quality chraftsmanship – made with love for your beloved dogs and you

Functionality, durability, quality in general and, last but not least, also the design is important when choosing dog products. Whether you are buying products that are indispensable on dog-walks (collars, leads, apparels…) or that your dog uses at home (blankets, beds…), they have to, first and foremost, suit the dog.

However, since the dog is not just man’s best friend but a member of the family, it is only right that the products complement and highlight the owner’s style as well. Enough time is therefore dedicated to the development of perfectly usable products with attractive design.

All our products are created with the intention of being practical, useful and life-style improving, while at the same time the unique design and top quality satisfy even the most demanding and petite owners.

Our goal is to create timeless products for dogs and owners that boast style, functionality and exceptional quality, and will thus be a pleasure, pride and long-term use for them.

All GL design products are handicraft in Slovenia and made from the best quality materials. Extreme attention is dedicated to the smallest details during the designing, as well as crafting processes – every trifle matters, for we believe that the small details are the ones that create big returns.

We are proud to ensure quality and comfortable life for dogs, and bring pleasure, joy and pride to their owners.

High standards, handiness and modern design

Our motto is a modern, timeless design and versatility use of products – all within the frames of the highest standards (from the material to the production and final use).

GL design products are multipurpose and with their design they stylishly complement your home or your fashionable outdoor wardrobe. All our products provide practical solutions for you and your dog, while at the same time uncompromisingly maintaining elegant style and exceptional quality.

The inspiration for the creation of our products stems from trying to satisfy the needs of dogs and improving their life-styles, as well as the living experience with their owners. 

High quality materials

GL design products are made from European materials of exclusive quality – from wood to textile and down to the last thread – as we believe that quality starts with the basics.

When choosing the materials, we strive for durability – longevity, handiness and functionality and, last but not least, also safety and comfort.

All the products are from materials that excellently fulfill their purposes – our apparels allow the skin to breathe but are at the same time waterproof; blankets and mats are made of durable microfibers that prevent formation of dust mites but they also breathe and are easy to clean; beds with a timeless design; ID tags are from precious metals (sterling silver)… to name just a few of the characteristics.

Best quality chraftsmanship – made with love for your beloved dogs and you

All our products are handmade in Slovenia with special attention dedicated to details and functionality. Each product is made with love, precision and intention of long-term use!

All the products are adorned with embroidered labels and a typical badge with GL design trademark sign. All the accessories made from precious metals (sterling silver) are made in a renowned goldsmith’s house and are designed so as to preserve our philosophy (stylish design, handiness, and quality).

Each GL design product also comes with a certificate of authenticity which guarantees authenticity and originality.