Why choose GL design

Every dog, regardless of breed, has unique dimensions. They also have their unique reasons and needs for the right type of apparel. We take care of functionality and design that apparel fit your dog’s needs and we manufactured it according to your dog’s measurements.

You didn’t find the perfect piece in our wide variety range of products? Do you have a different desire regarding design, color or size?

You are in the right place. We will turn your vision into a functional product.

Did you order a wrong size? Did you make a mistake in measuring your dog, or did you measure it with a deviation, and the apparel is now is too long, too short or too broad?

No worries! We will adjust it and fix it FREE OF CHARGE, to fit perfectly. Together we will find the best solution how and what to adjust to perfection.

You only take care of the return of the product and the shipping cost when we send you the repaired product back.

Your satisfaction and practical function of a product for a dog are our Nr.1 priority.

We are pleased to transform your ideas into reality while taking care of top-of-the-line manufacturing, high quality materials and functional usability of products. We can therefore guarantee that our products will impress both you and your 4-member family member.

Which apparel combination is the best for your lifestyle and your dog? Which bed is that right one? What kind of a collar will be the most practical one?

For all questions, doubts and easy decisions, we are always look forward to finding the right professional solution for you.

We believe that quality starts at the basics. We are uncompromising in the selection of materials and the manufacturing process. Our guides are durability – longevity, handiness and functionality and, last but not least safety and comfort. Therefore all our products are manufactured with a professional process and exclusively of European high quality materials.

We strive for a modern timeless design and versatile practicality of using products – all within the highest standards (from material and manufacture to final use). All of our products provide practical solutions for you and your dog, but uncompromisingly maintain an elegant style and exceptional quality.

We always seek inspiration in optimal solutions to the needs of dogs and improving the quality of their lives and their living together with the owner.

All GL design products are handmade in Slovenia. Throughout the entire process of product development – from the idea and vision, the production of sample models which followed by improvement and corrections to the final functional serial production – we focus on the details and precision of handmade.

Each of our product is handmade with precision, love and intention to long-term use!