Custom Made High Quality and Trendy Dog's Accessories

Our story began in November 2009, when we welcome to our Family Puppy Whippet Amedeo (aka Amey). Back than it was quite rare to see dogs wearing clothes in our Town Celje in Slovenia. It was snowy winter and because we didn’t dress him, he got cold. By the Vet’s advice we bought him his first jumper and winter coat. 
Luckily, we were not impress by the quality of the clothes in Slovenian and EU Market. 
As an Entrepreneur I have always wanted to be a founder and owner of a Registered Trademark. In my free time I was always expressing myself through creativity. That was the perfect opportunity to join my creativity and long term Business goal. My dreams came true.
The adventure of creating and testing products began. We have started the production with clothes and very quickly expand the offer with all gear that 4leggeg Family Member needs for a happy satisfied life. 
Today our registered Trademark GL design offers all kinds of various products for dogs as well as for their Owners. We always strive to design products with two key factors in mind: the use of the product that adds value to dog’s life as well as enhance the pride and joy of their Owners.
 All products are handmade with high quality fabrics and great attention to details.

Our Mission, Vision and Values
Mission Statement: To make high quality and practical products for dogs and ownersBrand Statement: The ultimate dogs & owners gear
Our Values: High standards, handiness and modern design

Our Philosophy

1. High quality materialsBest quality craftsmanship – made with love for your beloved dogs and you
Functionality, durability, quality as well as the design is important when choosing dog products. Whether you are buying necessity products for your dog, like collar and leash or clothes they have to, first and for most, suit the dog.
However, since the dog is not just man’s best friend but a member of the family, it is only right that the products complement and highlight the owner’s style as well. Enough time is there for dedicated to the development of perfectly usable products with attractive design.
All our products are created with the intention of being practical, safe and useful with the dogs in mind. But at the same time the unique design and top quality fabrics and craftsmanship will definitely satisfy even the most demanding and petite owners as well.
Our goal is to create timeless products for dogs and owners that combines style and functionality for a pleasurable long-term use with pride. 
All GL design products are handicraft in Slovenia and made from the best quality materials. 
Extreme attention is dedicated to the smallest details during the designing process, as well as crafting – every little thing matters, for we believe that the small details are the ones that creates high value products.
We are proud to ensure quality and comfortable life for dogs, and bring pleasure, joy and pride to their owners.

2. High standards, handiness and modern designOur motto is a modern, timeless design and versatility use of products – all within the frames of the highest standards (from the material to the production and final use).
All our products provide practical solutions for you and your dog, while at the same time uncompromisingly maintaining elegant style and exceptional quality.
We draw inspiration from satisfying the needs of dogs and improving their life and enhance the living experience with their owners. 

3. High quality materials
GL design products are made of European materials of exclusive quality – from leather to textile and down to the last thread – as we believe that quality starts with the core of the products.
When choosing the fabrics, we strive for durability – longevity, handiness and functionality and, last but not least, also safety and comfort.
All the products are made of fabrics that excellently fulfil their purposes. And just to name few characteristics. Our fabric for apparels allow the skin to breathe but is also waterproof. For beds we use of pet friendly microfiber - easy to clean and highly durable. Leather collars are handcrafted from genuine soft Italian leather, ect…

4. Best quality chraftsmanship – made with love for your beloved dogs and you
All our products are handmade in Slovenia with special attention dedicated to details and functionality. 
Each product is made with love, precision and intention of long-term use!
All products are embellished with embroidered label and designed to follow our philosophy (stylish design, handiness, and quality).

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